Hello Fellow '87 Classmate,
This is the page where you can donate your class dues! The class relies on dues to pay for basics like off-year Reunions fees, Alumni Council dues, and class mailings.  Class dues also sponsor tailgates, subsidize regional get-togethers, pay for the class website, and support other class projects.  The more classmates who contribute dues, the greater our ability to fund class activities.

Please look at the payment history table to see all your previous dues payments. If you contribute for 10 years in a row, you'll earn a place on the '87 Dues Honor Roll. If you want to pay previous years' dues, email Class Treasurer Liz Halliday Coco.

FYI, Dues are tax deductible.

Thanks for contributing dues!!!

Payment History

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* Your payment history will only show if you are logged in.  The payment history above is current as of September 30.  Contributions made after that date will not be reflected.

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